~ Note to Viewers~
What you should know about these videos is that they were taken and posted here for my
pleasure & memories, whether you think they are good quality or not they are mine and if
you don't like 'em, don't watch 'em - move on to something else.
~ Cyara~

Videos From The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise
January 2012

These videos were taken aboard a moving vessel cruising the Caribbean Sea.

Don't be cruel.

Some videos are unavailable at this time but I will re-post upon request cyaraland@gmail.com
Bettye LaVette
Cafe R&B
Video 1
I Get Higher
Video 2
Born Under A Bad Sign
Video 3
Black Cat Blues
Mothers Bad Luck Child
Killing Floor
Chris Cain
Coco Montoya
Steppin' On A High Wire (Pool Deck)
Dirty Deal
Help Me Baby (Pool Deck)
It Take Time
Video 3 (Pool Deck)
Something About You
Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Better Day (Showroom)
Running Away From Love
Stepping' On A High Wire (Showroom)
Don't Go Making Plans
Help Me Baby (Showroom)
I Got That Feeling with Debbie Davies
What's Gonna Become of Me (Showroom)
Video 7 with Debbie Davies
Prisoner of Love (Showroom)
Casting My Spell On You
Drinkin' Straight Tequila (Showroom)
Homemade Jamz Blues Band
Joe Louis Walker
I'll Play The Blues For You
Too Drunk To Drive Drunk
Buy 1, Get 1 Free (Showroom)
Slow Down GTO
Video 3
It's A Shame
Voodoo Woman
Rock Me Baby
Video 6
Video 7
Boom Boom
Video 9
All Night Long
Buy 1, Get 1 Free (Pool Deck)
Video 12
Kenny Neal
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Video 1
Never Looking Back
Video 2
Long Gone
Video 3
Heat of the Sun
Blues Falling Down Like Rain
Video 4 with Buddy Flett
My Babe
Video 5 with Buddy Flett
Video 6 - Tyree Neal
Sell My Monkey with Buddy Flett
Deja Voodoo
Born With A Broken Heart
Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue
Video 1
A Good Fool Is Hard To Find - Tommy Castro
Video 2
My Next Ex-Wife - Rick Estrin
Video 3 - Part 1
I Wonder Why - Debbie Davies
Video 4 - Part 2
I Just Came To Play - Debbie Davies
Loving Cup - Debbie Davies
Lowrider Band
Nick Moss
Spill The Wine
All Day
Video 2
The Cisco Kid
Video 3 - with Jimmy Johnson
Video 4 - with Jimmy Johnson
Why Can't We Be Friends
Video 5 - Jimmy Johnson & Kate Moss
It's Outta Sight
Video 6 - Jimmy Johnson & Kart Moss
Philipp Fankhauser
Shakura S'Aida
(I reposted these but don't waste your time watching, she stinks)
Video 1 with Shemekia Copeland
Will I ever go to another one of her shows? HELL NO!!!
IMO her band was better than she was anyway.
Video 2
Video 3
Jealous Kinda Fella
It's Gonna Rain
Down On Bending Knees
Video 7
Watching From The Safe Side
Video 9
Shemekia Copeland
Super Chickan & The Fighting Cocks
Dirty Water
Video 1
Givin' You Up
Ain't No One Bad Like My Baby
Big Lovin' Woman
Baby What You Want Me To Do
Never Going Back To Memphis
Pie In The Sky
Rock Me Baby
It's 2 AM

Tommy Castro Band
Retunees Party
Love Don't Care
Video 1
99 and 1/2
Video 2 - Debbie Davies
When My Left Eye Jumps
She Caught The Katy - Kenny Neal
Gotta Serve Somebody
Video 4 - Joe Louis Walker
Video 5 - Tommy Castro & Rick Estrin