Harper (opening act)
Mike Zito

Earl's Hideaway
November 6, 2011

Some videos are unavailable at this time but I will re-post upon request cyaraland@gmail.com

Video 1
              Video 2              Video 3 (in the rain)              Video 4 (with dancers in the rain)


Video links disabled - Thanks YouTube. Although I might be reposting these in the future.

Roll On              Love Like This              Greyhound              Sugar Sweet with Harper
(sound not so great today - rainy, windy and lots of talkers aound)

There were a few nice boot & T-shirt shots today, but........

The front of this shirt said "You've Never Met......"

I don't remember what the front of this one said

.....today it was more about the tennies of many colors

me thinks someone was a plumber in a previous life