Biscuit Miller & The Mix
Just 1 More & Earl's Hideaway
January 7 & 8, 2012

A few shots from Just 1 More, Melbourne, Florida 1/7/2012


A beautiful evening on the river at Earl's

~Videos from Earl's~
Some videos are unavailable at this time but I will re-post upon request

Sleepin' In The Doghouse            
Never Seen It Coming             Black Eyed Peas & Cornbread              Bass solo

Bobby B

Dr. Love

'KB' Kyle Bledsoe

My friend Kelvin with Bobby B & Biscuit mugging for the camera

Boots & Shoes......

....and no shoes

Ok, so y'all know I don't post pictures of myself but I love the people that I am in the picture with so I just had to do it :-)