The Nouveaux Honkies
Rebecca Dawkins - Violin/Vocals, Tim O'Donnell - Guitar/Vocals, Joseph Veloz - Bass, Brian Menendez - Drums

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              Video2              Video3              Video4

The Bernard Allison Group
Bernard Allison - Guitar/Vocals, George Moye - Bass, Toby Lee Marshall - Keyboards, Jose James - Sax/Percussion/Vocals,
Erick Ballard - Drums

Video links disabled - Thanks YouTube. Although I might be reposting these in the future.
I Wouldn't Treat A Dog
              Voodoo Chile               Life Goes On              Black and White              Fire              Lie To Me

It was a No Shoe picture day but there are always sites to see at Earl's .....

DJ Earl keeping things rocking during breaks
Franni, Nancy & Brian

A couple t-shirts & a bejeweled arm

There is now proof that the worldwide denim shortage has reached Sebastian